Our Story:

It has been a long time since our store was first set up. It may seem like only yesterday and yet 73 years have gone by. Years of enthusiasm for work, hopefulness for the future and the effort to attain our targets, lead us to go on trying every day to improve in quality, design and service for our customers, because without them our business is nothing. The trust of our customers and friends makes us get up each morning with new strength to do better, having no fear of the competition that may come from any part of the world. So many people whom we have known, so many anecdotes that we can remember, so much cooperation that has helped to make us stronger and keep on growing. We will always be grateful to our customers, relatives and friends for having placed their trust in us and for encouraging us in all our endeavours.

Our store was started by the late Mr.P.Gouraswamy Setty in 1941. During the 1970’s and 1980’s, it gained widespread recognition and tremendous goodwill with the help of the sons of the founder, G.Hanumantha Swamy, G.Janardhan and G.Krishnamurthy.

Hanumantha Swamy is, today, one of the oldest persons in the hardware industry in India, who at the age of 85 still works with great interest and dedication from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm! He is widely regarded and respected by all the suppliers and customers in our trade for his intrinsic and extensive knowledge in the subject.

The administration department was completely under the care of G. Janardhan. He ensured smooth and efficient back end operations. He was also the founding member of the Karnataka Hardware Association.

G.Krishnamurthy with his fantastic PR and social circles helped immensely in our marketing and publicity.

In the 1980s, Raju Swamy, son of G. Hanumantha Swamy joined the family business and with hard work and a great knack at business, he took the store to a higher level of recognition. 

In the 21st century, came in the 4th generation, Nishil R Swamy, son of Raju Swamy.

During times of difficult generational transformations, the enthusiasm of one generation was passed to their children and grandchildren. Today, with the stores being owned and managed by 3 people from 3 generations, with knowledge of every product right from the ancient to the latest, ours is a one stop shop for one and all related to furniture and fittings.


Our Vision:

 To be the best builders’ hardware store offering the widest range of high quality products at an economical price with a shopping experience that’s second to none! Outstanding, in every aspect, is what we want to be.